No Pants Money Man is a married 30 year old financial independence knowledge wizard that is on the path to awesomeness and wants to share everything he knows.  Mr No Pants has a deep urge for more freedom in his life and not be restricted into a shoebox lifestyle of waking, working, eating and sleeping. Life is meant to be more creative and meaningful!

Thanks to the (forever) increasing technological advancements of the human race, the world’s economic problem has long been solved. There is an abundance of stuff and no need to commit to a lifetime of having a job in order to cover your needs. Most of the human race has the greatest opportunity at its doorstep, the option of having a tremendous amount of free time to pursue creative, innovate and/or fulfilling goals. There is no need to be stuck in pointless jobs.

No Pants Money Man is an innate saver and by no means an extravagant materialistic dick. He has been mastering his personal finance and investment skills since he bought his first property at 18 years old. Over the past 12 years, Mr No Pants has been developing his life philosophy and, along with Mrs No Pants, they have clearly defined what they both want from life. That is, to remove the shackles of needing to have jobs, in order to have a huge amount of free time to do stuff that makes them truly happy.

Hence, for the past few years, Mr and Mrs No Pants have been saving heaps of money and investing it in assets. This has resulted in them establishing quite a nice nest egg with the outlook of being completely financial independent by the time No Pants Money Man is 33 years old.  Both successes and mistakes have been made along the way. And a lot has been learnt.

This blog is all about sharing No Pants Money Man’s knowledge on how awesome financial independence is and how you can get there. You’re will learn all sorts of awesome shit here. You’ll get to learn from our mistakes, our successes, how to design your life for financial independence and much more.
Peace Out,

No Pants Money Man