Welcome to No Pants Money Man

Welcome to No Pants Money Man

No Pants Money Man, the gravity defying stickman with a weirdly pink looking face

Oh shit, first post… okay, okay! Welcome to No Pants Money Man! I’m an awesome finance wizard here to save you from the evil perils of….uh, stuff. Nasty evil stuff! Actually, I’m just a financial independence blogger – here to spread the awesomeness that financial independence can bring and how you can actually get there.  So here’s the deal. You can be financially independent within 10 years and kicking ass by making few lifestyle tweaks, saving your coin, making a few easy investments and maybe a little side income.  

At No Pants Money Man, financial independence means having your nut covered without having to work a full-time job.  Nut… sorry, I mean your cost of living. Nut sounds better, like a squirreling hoarding away his nut stash for winter. So nut it is. How you cover your nut is up to you. It can be through passive investment income, making your own side income through entrepreneurship, replacing a full-time shitty job for  fun part-time work, doing contract jobs at your picking or maybe a combination of all the above.  The point is, financial independence makes your life independent from money. Your happiness is no longer tied to financial constraints, because your financial needs are met by having your nut covered, leaving you an abundance of free time to do the shit that makes you really, really happy.

But, maybe you don’t actually know what makes you happy. Or, you don’t know how to cover your nut without slaving away at some full-time life sucking job. Well, never fear! No Pants Money Man is here! That is why I have become a blogger. I’ve unraveled the wizardry magic of financial independence and I’m here to share it with anyone that cares to read this blog.  I’m well on my way to reaching financial independence through a combination of the above methods, in fact, I could declare myself financially independent right now. But, I’m a little stubborn and have a small perfectionist streak within me. So, I gotta get the financially independent-ness just right before it’s officially declared.

Anyway, hang around and learn some hopefully interesting shit. I’m planning on pumping out at an article a week, maybe every Friday, but no guarantee.

Peace Out,

No Pants Money Man

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