What to do after Early Retirement

Figuring out what to do after early retirement[1] may be one reason why you haven’t started your journey to financial independence. You could be thinking, I don’t know what I’d do if I quit my job. Or maybe, early retirement could leave me lonely with no one to hang out with. If you think about it,  these reasons are driven by fear of not knowing what early retirement is about. Once you know the sheer amount of awesome things there is to do in financial independence, you’ll soon be thinking, how the hell am I going to have time to do everything?! Followed closely by, why the f***k am I still doing this shit ass job?!

So, I thought I’d share a list of awesome things No Pants Money Man will be doing in financial independence.

Discover the World and Live in Different Places

what to do after early retirement - travel

The crazy, crazy thing about most people is the fact they live their entire lives within a 20km radius (32mi.) from where they were born. On a human scale, the world is a big place. There are hundreds of different cultures, languages, architecture styles, economic development statuses and geographies. Most people are completely ignorant to the tremendous amount of diversity and awesomeness that surrounds them. The experiences that could be gained are unknown.

This is why Mr and Mrs No Pants we will be setting off to explore the world. But, this isn’t going to be some extravagant, blow all your money adventure. We plan to submerse ourselves in the culture the places where we stay. This means, we are going to live in different places around the world, not just travel to them. We may live there for 6 months, 12 months, or maybe longer. We don’t know. But, thanks to the wizardry of financial independence, how long we stay somewhere will only dependent on how much we like it. This is what’s known as slow travel.

Where to Go?

In order to find some cools places to live, we have been digitally exploring the world through www.theearthawaits.com. The earth awaits is a fantastic search tool that allows you to discover more than 600 cities around the world based on a few customizable search criteria. These include your family size, housing needs, lifestyle, monthly budget, acceptable crime levels, pollution levels, and continents. A list of places around the world will be generated from your criteria that you can research further. The Earth Awaits is completely free to use and a great place to commence your research on slow travel.

Get your Creative Juices Flowing

what to do after early retirement - get creative

No Pants Money Man has always loved making shit. From restoring and modifying Australian muscle cars and motorcycles, to making pots, furniture, and gym equipment, to renovating, building and landscaping houses. However, time has always been the major limitation as to what projects are started and completed.

Financial independence gifts back the time needed to explore ideas and work on projects. Personally, I’ll be designing and making bespoke concrete furniture art pieces, custom motorcycles (think electric), wind turbines, aquaponic systems, dabbling in woodworking, and building/renovating more houses. Mrs No Pants wants to further develop her artistic dancing abilities, make awesome sewn and knitted clothing, do lots more painting and drawing, as well as learn to play more musical instruments. Lifetimes could be spent learning and finessing the skills to do these things!

But, the monotony of a job-locked adult existence results in the destruction of your creativity. One of the big challenges you may have is reigniting your creative juices. For this, I can recommend reading the book The Element, by P.h.D creativity expert Ken Robinson. The Element guides you on how to rediscover your creativity, how to use it, how to continually develop it and how it can even make you money. You’d be wise to grab it from Amazon or borrow it from your local library.

Get Fit and Healthy

what to do after early retirement - get fit!

Mr No Pants has seen the health of a lot of job-slaves get increasingly worse over the years.  The amount of weight and general flabbiness increase I’ve witnessed on work colleagues over the years insane! I’m talking 10kg+ easy (23lbs+). But, when you’re stuck in a job for 50+ hours a week, the job tends to slowly destroy your health through a lack a of exercise, sleep and a poor diet.

Both  Mr and Mrs No Pants put in a good effort by cycling to work and weight training at least three times a week. However, we are often quite tired and the mental effort required is arduous.  Financial independence provides a tremendous opportunity to regain or increase your health and fitness. You will have more time to get on the bicycle, walk, lifts weights and eat nutritious, healthy food. With more free time, working out will be fun and easy. You can hit the gym when you have maximum energy – not when your fatigued from putting in 10 hours at your job.

Eating nutritious and healthy food can be an everyday thing. With the additional time, you can cook as much as you desire and fill your body with the nutrition it deserves. You can also get to bed earlier, or sleep in as you need to. There will be no arbitrary waking time applying to you anymore, and no ridiculous late nights to achieve some bullshit deadline. However, with all the awesome activities you’ll have planned to fill your day with, I don’t think there will be much sleeping in! Why wouldn’t you get up with the sun?!

Finally, the ultimate benefit, aside from looking totally awesome naked, is the benefit to your long term health. This means you a much lower risk of health complications, increased changes of living longer and slowing down age-related deterioration.

Try out Entrepreneurship and make a Side Income

what to do after early retirement - make money


Making your own money is tremendously rewarding and a great motivator to restart those creative juices. Luckily, financial independence gives you the time to dust off your entrepreneurial hat and try make some money on your own terms. Also, there’s no risk of you being left on your ass if you don’t succeed, and no need or urgency to make a lot of money. Your nut is already covered! Therefore, a bit of side could do you just fine.

It’s a lot easier to make a side income than try and cover your entire cost of living or make a shit load of cash. A side income could be anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand of dollar. If your entrepreneurship really kicks off, you could end up making more money than you had ever imagined possible. But to get there, you need something to sell.

Making a side income could be achieved through monetizing some of your creative pursuits. For example, I could try make some money from this blog, or even sell some handcrafted concrete furniture when I get my skills developed. For Mrs No Pants she could sell some of her handmade sewn or knitted items, sell some of her paintings or even teach music to kiddies in a fun and enjoyable way.

Raise a Family

what to do after early retirement - raise a family!

Mr and Mrs No Pants plan on starting a family post financial independence. The reason being is we want to maximum the amount of time we can put into raising our kid(s)[2]. We figure we can provide the best environment possible by being able to nurture their growth and development. One thing we’ll definitely be doing is helping them expand their curiosity and understanding on how many awesome opportunities exist in the world.

But, we are not planning on being helicopter parents; filling our kid(s) schedule to the brim with activities and extracurricular classes to attend. Quite the opposite actually. We are planning to provide a flexible, creative environment for them to explore and be there as guides. Knowledge, hints, assistance and discipline will be offered where we believe it’s needed. Some examples are:

  • Being available to walk them to and from school everyday,
  • The possibility of homeschooling if desired / required,
  • Exploring the outdoors – camping, hiking, scouting,
  • Backyard science experiments (making turbines, robotics, learning about physics and engineering in interactive ways),
  • Volunteering at their school,
  • Teaching them about psychological and philosophical concepts,
  • Exploring the awesomeness of the world and the opportunities on the horizon ( such as space travel, multi-planetary existence, artificial intelligence, genetics, nanotechnology, and medicine),
  • Teaching them about the power of money from an early age,
  • Disconnecting money generation from jobs (e.g., no monetary reward for house chores) and,
  • Making work its own reward

Mr and Mrs No Pants see this as the ultimate example of the nature vs nurture debate. We can’t do much about the nature (genetics) side of the equation. But, we sure as shit can provide the best nurturing environment, in accordance with our principals, possible. I like to refer to this as active family raising.

Therefore, Mr and Mrs No Pants see active family raising as the epitome of what to do in early retirement. That is, raising a child to be loving, giving, intelligent, open minded and most importantly, a curious person

Peace Out,

No Pants Money Man.


  1. I don’t like using the term early retirement. It has too many associations with conventional retirement and makes people think of old codgers scuttling along in zimmer frames. But, financial independence, early retirement, financial freedom – it’s all the same shit.
  2. We haven’t decided how many yet.
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